WOO For Play!

WOO For Play!

CONFESSION TIME: Alex was my first! Yes, that’s right. We met over the summer when we were 17 years old at a day camp and I had the biggest crush on him, as did a lot of other girls. We hung out a couple of times, and to get him to like me and solidify our relationship, I gave him my virginity. It didn’t work. Turns out sex isn’t the way to get a guy! Who knew?! Looking back, I don’t regret it because we are together now, but at the time, I definitely did. I was insecure and gave it up for the wrong reasons. It hurt, was embarrassing, and was overall terrible. I cried for days afterwards and hid my face when I passed him by at camp. I thought everyone knew and I was ashamed of myself.

This was the first of many mistakes. For some reason, I associated sex with pleasing men. I was unsure of myself and what I had to offer, and used sex as a tactic or weapon to captivate men. Throughout both High School and College, I was both single and in relationships. It wasn’t until about a year ago when I was in my second serious relationship that I finally learned about MYSELF during sex. My mindset went from “What can I do to please them so that they like me” to “What can they do for me?”

Having sex is a completely vulnerable thing. You need to be confident and secure in yourself to fully let yourself go and enjoy it. Try new things, know yourself, learn about your partner. Most importantly, do it for YOU! No one else. Love yourself.

WOO For Play inspires women to embrace who they are in the bedroom and feel amazing while doing it. Woo For Play inspires me to take control in the bedroom which trickles out of the bedroom as well. I feel aspired to take a hold of my own reigns and conquer the world! Woo For Play is a constant reminder to stop being serious all the time, and start having fun! With all natural ingredients, an amazing scent, taste and sensation it makes both Alex and I even more excited to stop talking business, and start talking dirty! You should feel 100% comfortable with your partner, but more importantly with yourself.


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