Union Square Laser Dermatology

Union Square Laser Dermatology

I have always been a firm believer that looking good and feeling good come hand in hand. When I look my best, I feel my best. There were specific moments in my life that I could pinpoint where I felt insecure about my outside appearance, which directly effected the way I approached life. When I would have a bad breakout, I would wear turtlenecks to cover my face, not want to raise my hand in class and avoid hanging out with my friends because I was embarrassed. That is why I genuinely feel that if there are things out there that help boost your confidence and are safe, why not go for it?! At Union Square Laser Dermatology, I feel like I am always in the best hands.

The Consultation

When I walked into the office for my consultation, I explained exactly how I felt toDr. Jennifer Chwalek. My major concerns were my acne scarring , but I was also very interested in fillers. For example, I felt like I lost my upper lip when I smiled. I wanted to get the doctors advice, letting her know that I wanted to hear about my options while still looking as natural and real as possible. She examined my face and my skin, and gave me her recommendations. She recommended a series of microneedling for my acne scarring, but I had certain downtime considerations with New York Fashion Week around the corner, so together we decided to take a slow and steady approach, with subtle dermal filler for volume and Clear+Brilliant for tone and texture.


We started by numbing my entire face so I would not feel a thing. Then, she used a really neat tool that helped find my veins to make sure we were being safe and avoiding them during the injections. She then started with the fillers. I did a bit in my cheeks, chin, and upper lip. Dr. Chwalek artfully injected my cheek bones to lift my face and make my eyes look less droopy! She did my chin to make my face more proportional, and lastly, added some filler to my upper lip so you can still see it when I smiled. When I say a little went a long way, I mean it! I could tell the difference because I see my face everyday, but it looks extremely natural! It basically made my facial features look more defined, but in a very natural way.


My favorite part was the Clear+Brilliant laser. The Clear+Brilliant laser helps with textural issues from previous breakouts and gave me an overall glow! I have had laser treatments done for my acne before that were super painful and took several times to see any sort of difference. With the Clear+Brilliant laser, I saw a change almost right away!

Overall Experience

I had an incredible experience at Union Square Laser Dermatology. I think there could be a negative stigma behind botox, fillers, lasers and more but Dr. Chwalek and the nurses were extremely knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable and safe. If there is something out on the market that is safe to use and will make you feel better, I say do it and own it! Union Square Laser Dermatology sent me home with a care card and then called me the next day to check in. I felt as though I can share all my questions and concerns and they were very approachable. I would highly recommend them and will definitely be going back for more!

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