It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Living in NYC, i’m always surround with so much stimulation. I consider myself so lucky to be born and raised in the most magical city in the world. NYC isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling. The opportunities that it offers you are endless, the hustle and bustle is exciting, and the crowd is an ongoing parade of diversity.

My feelings for New York multiply by ten during the holiday season. Walking down the street on any average day, I always find something new that amazes me, but this is when I feel the city shows its’ truest colors. At this point, New York is no longer a city, but a world filled with bells, street performers, shoppers, etc. There really is a special NYC culture shared amongst all New Yorkers and tourists during the holidays.

Every holiday season, I have special traditions I like to take advantage of in my beloved city.

If you’re in the NYC area during the holiday season, here are my suggestions of some fun things you should do:

If you’re not from the city and still want to get into the spirit, here are some suggestions for everyone:

  • Get hot chocolate and drive around to look at all the houses’ christmas lights display
  • Bake Holiday cookies, get in flannel pajamas and watch a holiday movie marathon
  • Build a gingerbread house
  • Decorate your house (and add some pine scented candles!)

Those were just a few suggestions that I had, based off of what I do for the holidays. Let me know what you do during the season or if you have any further suggestions!

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