The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

Entertainment is Key

Living in the city, in my tiny apartment on my own for the first time was so exciting to me. Being in a prime location, I love having my friends come over and they love being there. However, hosting a bunch of friends, from different friend groups can be tricky for an entertainer. That is where my new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition came in! My new All-Digital Edition of the Xbox One S console has made it to easy for me to host all of my friends and keep them entertained. It guarantees that you and your diverse group of friends can have a fun time in a safe space! 

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is all about disc-free gaming and entertainment.  You do not play with physical discs, but instead all games are downloaded and ready to play when you are. At only $249.99, it is so easy and affordable for my diverse group of friends! Instead of buying 100 different games and having to store them in my small apartment to make sure there is something for everyone, I can just download thousands of the most popular Xbox One games digitally as they are being requested! In addition to playing games, we can make it a movie night by being able to stream your favorite 4K HDR content from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more. They even added apps so you can enjoy Youtube, Spotify, HBO NOW, ESPN and more!

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition has been so easy, affordable and mostly fun to use! It has been such a great addition to my apartment. My friends never want to leave now! I highly recommend you go check on out at the link below or go to your closest retailer. They are available now at Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and Microsoft Stores. Enjoy, gamers!



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