No Regrets

May, 2016- College Graduation

Real life is a funny thing. In life, timing is everything. It’s so crucial, in fact, that most of us hesitate when it comes to taking risks, especially in fashion. When it comes to Facebook stalking my old pictures, I’m scared of everything! I’m scared of what I could see; I’m scared of what I did, I’m scared of what I’ll find. I have been thinking about all of my “red carpet regrets” with a chorus of resounding voices in my head saying, “what were you thinking?!” After my recurring stream of nightmare flashbacks, I began to think more closely about outfit choices when it comes to your big day. Should you take the risk and stand out? Or play it safe with something that will work for years to come?

July, 2010- My Sweet 16

I had every detail planned for my sweet 16 since my middle school days, when all of my friends were taking turns having their bar and bat mitzvahs and I could not wait until the spotlight was finally on me. I chose a puffy red ball gown to go along with my theme, “Rachel’s Red Carpet” and remember thinking it was so flattering. The corset held me in on top and the dress puffed out at the perfect place. My High School prom dress was a different story. I frantically went dress shopping the weekend before prom, and could not find a dress that spoke to me. I chose the dress I finally settled on because I loved the way it shaped my body. When I look back at my prom look, I remember thinking, “Go hard or go home!” I should’ve gone home.

May, 2012- High School Prom

So what is the best approach when it comes to your big day? Remember- these are pictures you’re going to eventually want hung up around the house, so I personally suggest choosing a dress that’s timeless. Think long and hard about it before taking the leap and indulging. What colors do you usually gravitate to? What shape hugs your body best? – This is advice from 23 year old me, looking back at pictures from almost a decade ago while slightly cringing.


However, at the time, I remember feeling super confident in most of these outfits. That’s what’s most important. When I remember my Sweet 16, prom, or graduations, I remember feeling good and having a ball. That’s what matters most. Everyone has their “Britney and Justin in all denim” outfit regrets, but if you feel good in what you’re wearing at the time, those memories will light you up no matter what.

June, 2012- High School Graduation

I think most of us reach later years, and look back regretting the moments we took certain fashion risks. An outfit can make someone feel self conscious and insecure, but it can also make someone want to walk the runway, dance the night away, talk to their crush, etc. Maybe years later, you’ll end up embarrassed, wincing as you play it all back in your head or look at photos. I think there was a reason you loved it once, so own it. Flaunt it! Hang up those pictures, or put them on your blog for the world to see.

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