Calling All Students!

Calling All Students!

Studying Struggles

Set your goals, then go crush them! I remember being in school both as a student and as a teacher. As a student, there were so many times I struggled when it came to studying. Certain subjects I would master right away, while others were seemed so difficult to grasp no matter how hard I tried. It was more than discouraging to see my friends easily master Chemistry or Psychology while I was drowning in 5000 index cards. As a teacher, it was always rough watching my students go through a similar battle. Everyone learns differently and has a preference in teaching methods, so when you are a visual learner listening to a three hour lecture, it just doesn’t work.

C Space

Well, students, your voice is powerful and it’s time to be heard. C Space has joined forces with a major studying tool company to unite students. You will better help them understand your experiences, successes, and unmet needs when it comes to studying. This is a chance to take part in a private exclusive online community and earn rewards, just for participating. Spots are limited for this private group with approximately only 150 people. This way, you’ll have the chance to build strong relationships with other selected members. It requires very little commitment (only 5-15 minutes per week) and you can even login anytime from anywhere. It’s so easy!

If you are a student and you study, don’t miss out on an opportunity to take part in a private online community and earn rewards, just for participating. The student community and its’ qualified members can earn monthly rewards for just sharing their opinions.

To see if you qualify simply answer a few quick questions, then claim your spot inside. New members earn a Welcome Gift for joining and participating in the first activity! Take your survey at this link 

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