Staying Positive

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about being a blogger is that my job is easy. This is my dream job and I love what I do, but it is anything but easy. Everything I get, I earn. There are days that I have a million things to do and i’m super busy, and there are days where I feel extremely helpless because I am not receiving feedback from followers or brands. On these days, it takes a ton of hard work, dedication, and motivation to keep going and create work for myself.

On top of this, I am also dealing with my personal life. I know that everybody has to balance their work and play life schedule, whether you work for yourself or for a huge company. However, when something personal is controlling me, it is easier to let that take over and push my business aside because I don’t have anyone standing over my shoulder and watching my every move. If I don’t help myself, nobody will.

Losing my dog was the worst thing I have ever gone through. Part of me felt blessed that I could work from home to let myself to be able to go through every natural feeling, but the other half of me felt stressed that I needed to motivate myself to keep going when I was feeling so down.

Here are some of the tips I use to help motivate myself so that I stay positive:

Look Your Best

Obviously I feel this way as a fashion blogger, but I really do believe when you look your best, you feel your best. Everyday, even if I am working by myself at home all day, I put on a cute outfit and makeup. This makes me feel confident and ready to conquer the world.

Give Yourself Something To Look Forward To

This can be big or small. When I can’t make it through the mornings, I treat myself to Starbucks for lunch. If it’s a hard week, I will make fun plans for the weekend so I can work towards that.

Set Goals For Yourself

Everyday I make a list of everything I want to accomplish in that day. Crossing things off of my list and seeing how much I’ve gotten done is such a rewarding feeling.

Treat Yourself

Work hard so you can play harder! I definitely have school loans, bills and expenses, so I have to be smart about spending money, especially since I want to save up for my future. However, I am a firm believer that you should be able to reward yourself every once in a while. Give yourself incentive to hit your goal, so that when you do, you can be so excited about it! I am currently saving up for a new laptop!

Ask for Insight

Now I am not saying to fish for compliments, but asking for insight on your work can be extremely helpful. Either you get positive feedback, and you feel incredible about everything you’ve been putting forth OR you get negative feedback that fuels the fire under you and motivates you to work harder.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Even though haters could be your motivators, you want the people in your life to be the ones you can rely on if you need that extra push. I’ve had many people in my life who constantly picked fights, made me second guess myself, and made me insecure, and I know how damaging that can be to a person. When those people put negative energy into your being, it’s like being in a room full of dark smoke. You feel suffocated, don’t know where to turn, and aren’t motivated to move forward. You need people to be your cheerleaders. People who believe in you more than you believe in yourself and will root for you consistently.

Take a Break

It’s okay to give yourself that time to reflect on your feelings and relax your mind. Sometimes I push myself too hard and work 24/7, especially when I am stressed because it takes my mind off of the reality. However, I learned I need to allow myself to have that moment to come to terms with the truth.

Find Your Outlet

For me, I have always turned to performing arts when I am stressed or down. Singing, dancing and acting has always been a great way for me to convey my emotions and let everything go. Listening to music also relieves stress. Sad songs make me think that I am not alone and really make me feel, and happy songs make think more optimistically. Additionally, I love keeping a journal. Sometimes it’s good to vent without listening to others opinions. Your journal doesn’t talk back! Reading a great story or watching a movie is also a great way to keep your mind busy and get lost in some else’s world.


Okay, I’m going to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of going to the gym. However, exercising comes in many forms. When I am stressed and need to take a break, I go for a walk around the block. Taking that time to get fresh air always makes me feel so much better!


When I feel stressed and like my life has spun out of control, organizing myself always makes me feel so much better! Whether it’s cleaning my room, or the files on my desktop, I feel like I put in time to do something positive for myself and made my life easier.

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 ways to relieve stress! I would love to hear how you babes stay relaxed, so let me know if you have any advice you can share! Xoxo 


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