Always Great To Get A Sample

Always Great To Get A Sample

I was always really skeptical about going to sample sales. I’ve heard both amazing and terrifying things about them. Some say the deals are great, other’s say that they only offer the low of the low. Working in the fashion industry, I constantly feel the pressure to wear the best brands, and constantly try new and upcoming designers. Sample sales are a blonde on a budget’s dream.

Working in a corporate fashion position, I am privileged to get to go to “employee only” sample sales. These get heated (literally, sweating) but the deals are so worth it! There are some “no good” goodies, but there are also a lot of hidden treasures. In fashion, especially PR, we are usually up to three seasons ahead of the times. Therefore, we sample sale all of the current season samples (what’s currently selling in stores) to make room for the future season’s samples. For example, Fall clothing is currently being sold in stores, but editorially we no longer need our Fall samples because we are now working on Summer. This is when I learned sample sales don’t only offer scum. The saying is true, one mans trash is another man’s treasure.

Living in NYC, I am exposed to the best fashion and therefore the best sample sales! 260 Sample Sale is definitely my favorite to go to because they always have the best designers! I had the honor of being apart of 260 Sample Sale’s JBRAND campaign, and I was in heaven the entire time. The pieces they had were not just seasonal, or novelty, but there were staple items as well.

If you’re someone who likes nice things like myself but doesn’t have the budget to go splurge, do your research and go check out what sample sales are in your area.

Here are my tips and tricks:

  • Give yourself a budget- Prices could be so deceiving that you go crazy and end up spending more than you’re saving.
  • Do your research- Know the original pricepoints to ensure you’re definitely getting the best deals.
  • Come in empty handed- You’re going to be piling everything on and holding a lot. Come in with minimal items so that you don’t have anything extra weighing you down.
  • Bring big bags- Bring a big, sturdy bag with you that you can use as your “cart”. I usually go with an IKEA bag.
  • Dress comfy- You might be bending low and reaching high. Wear something comfy and dress in layers! Not only does it get hot, but this way it’s easy to change and try on items quickly.

I hope this advice helps! Let me know if you have any other tips and tricks, or what fun brands and items you picked up at your favorite sample sale!

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  1. Jeanne Braun
    December 12, 2017 / 6:47 pm

    You are too cute. I see your pix and I miss my old neighborhood. Keep up the good work with love from your biggest fan. Xx

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