Safe is Smart with SABRE

Safe is Smart with SABRE

My love for fashion started when I was younger, but I didn’t realize I would have to compromise some of my fashion choices for my own safety until I was in college. It’s unfair that as women, we have to think carefully when it comes to our wardrobe, in fear of being cat-called, slut-shamed, etc. Even though I wanted to be able to wear more promiscuous outfits to go to the bars at night, I knew I had to dress conservatively because my walk home could be dangerous. This was when I first felt that I needed protection.


My parents were always worried about me. They told me to call them no matter what time it was if I was walking home alone at night. Since they were 4 hours away and wouldn’t be able to physically protect me from danger, they looked into different ways they could protect me during my walks home. That is when they found SABRE. SABRE’s main mission is to ensure our safety. SABRE is the world’s number one manufacturer of pepper sprays. They are trusted by both law enforcement and civilians. SABRE makes pepper sprays, gels, personal alarms, stun guns and home security products designed with safety in mind. They strive to educate and empower people so that if you are in danger, you will be fully equipped with both knowledge and powerful products.


I love SABRE. Not only do they keep me safe, but their products also come in a variety of colors and types. This way I wasn’t considered the dorky girl who carried her ugly pepper spray to a frat party. I chose a hot pink pepper spray and alarm that was also a keychain. Everyone should be protected so they can live a safe, healthy life without having to feel insecure. SABRE taught me that safe is smart and fashionable! 

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