Magic In The Hamptons

Alex’s Birthday Getaway I love my job and love that I have a flexible schedule. However, working from home all the time can be a little dull. I like to travel because it inspires me to get creative. For my boyfriend Alex’s birthday, I decided to surprise him with a little getaway to The Hamptons.… Read More


  I have always had a passion for fashion, as cliche as it sounds. To me, fashion isn’t just about playing dress-up. It’s so much more than that. It’s about instilling inner confidence, sharing your unique creativity, expressing yourself, and feeling beautiful. I love finding new brands that not only have amazing clothes, but also… Read More

Safe is Smart with SABRE

My love for fashion started when I was younger, but I didn’t realize I would have to compromise some of my fashion choices for my own safety until I was in college. It’s unfair that as women, we have to think carefully when it comes to our wardrobe, in fear of being cat-called, slut-shamed, etc.… Read More