Event Cruises NYC

Growing up in NYC, I was always told to stay away from touristy places. They were always either too crowded, or not worth the hype. However, I absolutely love being on the water, hanging out with my friends, and eating good food so there was no way I could turn down a Bottomless Brunch Booze… Read More

Calling All Students!

Studying Struggles Set your goals, then go crush them! I remember being in school both as a student and as a teacher. As a student, there were so many times I struggled when it came to studying. Certain subjects I would master right away, while others were seemed so difficult to grasp no matter how… Read More

Basic Invite – Christmas In July

Basic Invite This past year was so difficult, worrying about health, family, friends, and work. But now, instead of dwelling on all of the opportunities I missed, I am ready to get back out there and begin creating new memories, which will be very easy with the help and use of Basicinvite.com . Whether I need a new business card or I… Read More

Sephora Sale!

Here’s What You Should Buy From The Spring 2021 Sephora Sale! Here are the deets: Rouge Members can get 20% off from 4/9-4/19/2021 VIB Members can get 15% off from 4/13-4/19/2021 Insider Members can get 10% off from 4/15-4/19/2021 All Sephora brand products are 30% off  for everyone *Everything listed below is easily shoppable! All… Read More

Filing Taxes With H&R Block

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, my parents always encouraged me to follow my passionate, creative side, yet I was always extremely hesitant to follow in their footsteps when it came to my career path. The financial unknown often caused a burden on my family, and I did not want that for my own future.… Read More