Working out for me was never something I wanted to do. I always made up excuses for myself until recently, when I realized it was therapeutic and a great way to get my anxiety under control. Now, I search for times to workout but it always seems as though there are never enough hours in a day. If I have availability in the morning, I am totally booked that night and I don’t want to get overly tired, too sore and exhausted from my workout class. That is why P.volve is my new favorite workout!


P.volve is created for the person on the go. They have an app that you can use anytime, anywhere with so many different workout routines! I am obsessed with it, so I was very excited to hear they have a new studio located right by my apartment in Soho. The P.volve classes are designed similarly to the app, for the person who wants to workout, but also wants to feel good afterwards. It is a hardcore workout that stimulates all the muscles in your entire body, but is made so that afterwards you feel energized and positive instead of overly worked and in need of a nap.

My P.volve Experience In Studio

The new studio was gorgeous, packed with everything you needed before, during and after a workout. For example, they had workout gear, water bottles, and all the dry shampoo a girl needs after working up a sweat! I was obsessed with my instructor who gave out all positive, optimistic vibes. The workout itself was just what I needed to start my day on the right foot! During our workout, we did a bunch of small steps that made a huge difference. It really taught me that working out doesn’t have to be painful and awful. Every move I made felt safe, and was done with purpose. Since each movement was so meaningful, it felt as though I didn’t waste my energy and I left feeling more powerful. Leaving the class, I felt super motivated to start my day and I cannot wait to go back again!

I highly recommend you check out P.Volve whether it’s on the app or a studio near you! To get started, I have a treat for all of my followers.

See below for the following discount codes and let me know how much you love P.volve!

3-class pack:
enter ‘LAUNCH‘ at checkout on MindBody (expires 12/31)
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