With my new schedule as a Full-Time Blogger, I find myself loving the hustle and the constantly busy lifestyle. However, there are still moments of overwhelming thoughts, anxiety and doubt. During these stressful times, it’s important to treat yourself and your body.

Tuesday afternoon, Alex and I were in the midst of a busy work week filled with back to back meetings, but decided to take the time to visit NKD NYC. NKD NYC is a luxury wellness center that offers all the latest tools you need to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Unlike a gym, a juice bar, or a workout class, it is there to help support you with your everyday lifestyle by giving you all the means to do so. Their services include Cryotherapy, Light Therapy, and IV Vitamin Therapy.


Alex and I decided to start by bravely trying the Cryotherapy. We stripped out of our robes, and separately went into a Cryosauna. The machine alternates between different temperatures, ultimately going to -320 degrees. It helps to remove toxins and inflammatory problems in the blood, replenishes your body with nutrients, reduces any pain, and increases energy.

I chose to start at the beginner level. I was so terrified to try this out, but felt so amazing afterwards and even during! It immediately gave me a sense of accomplishment and instant gratification. I was fully energised and felt like I could go conquer the world. Alex turned things into a competition when he went next, and chose to do the Intermediate level. Even though he was just as scared as I was to try something that was completely out of our comfort zone, I could tell how good he felt afterwards. He was beaming from ear to ear.

Light Therapy

From there, we went into their Light Therapy room, where we lied in a light bed while focusing on our breathing and relaxing. Light Therapy helps with anti-aging, performance, and well-being.  All of the problems that were going on seemed so insignificant and very easy to resolve. It gave us a chance to really connect with our own minds, and target our wants and needs. It helped reduce any anxiety and irritability we had.


Lastly, I ended my visit by doing the Cryofacial, which I would highly recommend. The machine felt so incredible blowing cold air on my face! I am not sure if it was just the Cryofacial, or the overall experience, but I felt like my face was glowing afterwards! Since then, my pores have been smaller and my makeup has settled on my face flawlessly!


Having a business partner who is also your life partner can be tough. Just like in any relationship, we have our disagreements, tiffs, and need to compromise. During a hectic work week, it’s important to take the time to pause and realize all of the positivity we have in our lives. When leaving NKD NYC, Alex and I were so motivated to get to work and conquer the world together. We left feeling universally better. Our bodies, minds, and relationship seemed to be improved just by that one visit.

NKD NYC’S philosophy is that you can’t just focus on doing one thing to make a better life change. You can’t just go to the gym and use the treadmill to become more fit, because that only focuses on one part of your body. When leaving the wellness center, that resonated so clearly to the both of us. We need to focus on both ourselves, our personal relationship and our professional relationship in order to have an amazing life together. We cannot wait to go back for our next visit!


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