New Year, New Me!

New Year, New Me!


2017 was a year full of trials and tribulations, to say the least. A year ago, I had just traded in my life as a Preschool teacher for a part-time job as a stylist at The Shoe Box, and a part time job working for Moschino and Jeremy Scott’s PR team. Graduating college, I had my entire life planned out- so this slight detour felt more like a quarter life crisis. It was going to be a New Year, New Me!


The transition of teacher to fashionista was easy for me. I am eager, determined and passionate and finally feel like I am exactly where I belong. Within the past year, I have gone from working seven days a week at two part-time positions to obtaining a full-time position working for Kate Spade’s PR team, all while turning my personal Instagram into a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog currently seen by over 80,000 people. I originally created the blog to earn a place in the fashion industry, and to add something sustainable to my resume when seeking fashion jobs. Now, with the help from my business partner and boyfriend, we have built the blog to be a business on it’s own. This past year I have worked with some huge brands, and met icons of mine such as Rachel Zoe!

Although some may say that I have accomplished a lot in the working field, I feel as though these are more personal accomplishments. Even though I know I have a strong work ethic, I feel as though I am more indebted to my own personal perseverance and belief in myself. Taking the leap to start all over, with the risk of being judged and failing is scary. It took my own strength and willpower to take the dive and never stop believing in myself.

Another personal gain in the new year has to be reuniting with my best friend and love, Alex. Alex and I met six years ago, and I was so swooned by him right away, as was every other girl. When he slid into my DM at the beginning of this year, my guard was up and I was hesitant to say the least. However, I put trust in myself once again, and it was the best decision I have ever made. Knowing what life is like with him back in it, I never want to know what it’s like without him again. I can’t even remember life without him!

Looking back at my year, the consistent lesson is to always trust and believe in yourself. You have one life to live, so be smart! Being smart does not always mean to play easy- sometimes it means taking the risk and following your heart and your gut. I cannot wait to see what 2018 has instore. I know it’s going to be pure greatness!

Goals for 2018

  • Move into a new place
  • Climb up the ladder at work
  • Surprise myself
  • Buy that bag I thought I would never be able to afford
  • Make the blog a sustainable business
  • Reach 100k followers
  • Go to the gym and eat healthier
  • Pay off my student loans
  • Know my self worth

I would love to hear all of your “New Year, New Me” Goals! Leave them in the comments below!

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