has been such an asset to me throughout my turbulent career. I graduated college and had my entire life planned. I knew I wanted to become a teacher. Being a full-time student who attended school 4 hours away from the city, it was hard to have a guaranteed job in place when I graduated. I used because I found it the easiest and most supportive.

After Undergrad

The website is very easy to function. All I had to do was upload my resume. and they basically did the rest! They have this amazing resume assessment tool so that you know your resume is the best it can be for the job that you want. As soon as my resume was ready to go, I began receiving all forms of different outreach from the top schools to work for in the city. Thanks to, I was one of the few who graduated from my undergraduate program already settled in my dream job.

After My Masters…

Taking the leap and switching fields was very scary for me. My entire resume was perfected for an early childhood teacher, so when I wanted to pursue Public Relations in fashion, I was completely overwhelmed. However, I had such an amazing experience with that I knew where to turn. Once again, the resume assessment tool helped me formulate all of my skills from teaching to align with a Public Relations position. After a few interviews, I eventually landed my dream job.


Even though I am now working for myself, I still use regularly as a great resource for me. I think it’s still extremely important for me to constantly know about the trends in the market that I am working in when it comes to jobs and available positions. doesn’t just help you be the best candidate in your field that you can be, but they also ensure you are following your dreams and getting your ideal position. I highly recommend you go check them out!


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