Magic In The Hamptons

Magic In The Hamptons

Alex’s Birthday Getaway

I love my job and love that I have a flexible schedule. However, working from home all the time can be a little dull. I like to travel because it inspires me to get creative. For my boyfriend Alex’s birthday, I decided to surprise him with a little getaway to The Hamptons. My first time ever going to The Hamptons was with Alex 2 years ago. He drove me out there for the day and we had the most amazing time. It truly felt like a relaxing vacation even though we only stayed for a couple of hours. We had gone back a lot since then, but I have always wanted to be able to take him back for a longer period of time. For his birthday, I finally got the chance. I booked a room at The Baker House in East Hampton and planned some really cute Fall activities for us.

The Baker House

Being able to do this meant so much to me. Alex had never been out to The Hamptons during the Fall, and I love being able to do new things together. We drove out there on a Monday and immediately went to The Baker House. The Baker House is the cutest bed and breakfast! The staff there was so friendly and gave us a personal tour after offering to help us bring our bags inside. The place was absolutely gorgeous. They had a common area with movies, board games, a bar, and dining. They had a spa with an infinity pool, sauna and etc. Outside, they had lounge chairs, tables and a heated pool.

Our room was huge. There was so much space and seating inside. Our bed was so comfortable and we had our own huge bathroom with both a separate shower and bathtub! My favorite part was the fire place. Perfect for the colder weather!

Fall Festivities

Alex and I went out for the day and did all of the cutest Fall festivities. We got so lucky with the weather! First we went Pumpkin picking and picked some pumpkins to carve, paint, and bake seeds. Then we went apple picking, which Alex has never done, before going back to The Baker House to shower and change for Alex’s birthday dinner.

After dinner, we decided to go back to The Baker House and take full advantage of what they had to offer. I popped open a bottle of champagne, we took a bubble bath, turned on the fireplace, played a board game, and then picked out a movie from their huge selection. It was so cute and perfect for what we were looking for!

The next day, we slept in and then helped ourselves to some of the wonderful pastries that The Baker House offered. We thanked the staff for all of their help, as they made suggestions of where to go for the day and then we were off! Alex and I went to our last activity, a corn maze, before heading back to the city.

I’m Ready to Go Back!

We had the absolute best getaway at The Baker House! They had everything we needed and so much more. I love how Alex and I get to act like kids together, create new experiences, and go on these incredible adventures.  I will definitely be back at The Baker House again! My birthday is next ;P

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