Being a girl who is so dependent on Social Media, I constantly have my phone attached to my hip 24/7. However, the glaring screen could get overwhelming and cause headaches, so I don’t like to rely on my phone for more than what I need to. Call me old fashion, but my journal or planner, along with my LAMY Pens are what really gets me going. Whether it’s writing down ideas, sketches for outfits, or my “To-Do” list, I prefer to jot things down.

A Pro Tip

I’ve always been a visual learner, and that’s why writing things down and making lists always relieves my anxiety. I started writing things down when I was in college and I felt the workload starting to become overwhelming. Visually seeing a list of everything written down in front of me gave me a better perspective of how much I have to do, and what I already accomplished. Using my LAMY pens to write, and then crossing things off of my list is a satisfying feeling for me.


I choose LAMY when it comes to my pens for many different reasons. One main reason is their variety of color options. Unlike a lot of companies who distribute their pens in blue or black ink, LAMY has a wide assortment to choose from. This makes it easier for me when I am sketching out outfit ideas, so I have a better picture of what patterns and color options I want to combine. In addition, there fine point makes it easy for me to draw detailed sketches, or write long lists or blog posts, before eventually typing them up on my laptop. LAMY pens are so much more than pens to me. As cliche as this may sound, they’re like my therapist because everytime i’m stressed I use them to write my lists or journal entries and let everything uot. I highly recommend trying this technique and using my go-to LAMY pens to do so.

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