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Haven Spa

My Skin

I have always been someone who tries to take amazing care of their skin. Using products is something I genuinely love trying. I wouldn’t say I have bad skin, but I wouldn’t say I am extremely satisfied with it either. My skin is very tempermental.  My face is very oily, but it also dries out easily, so it’s hard for me to use specific products. When I get my period, I get a zit, or 5. I get stressed out, and another 10 appear. That is why it is so important to me to get regular facials.

The Boot Camp Facial at Haven Spa

I went to Haven Spa in Soho for my facial and absolutely loved the experience. I have gotten a lot of facials in the past. Some were very relaxing, and some were very cleansing, but Haven Spa ensured I had a great combination of the two. I had the Boot Camp facial, which was an hour long. This facial is good for acneic skin, aging skin, scarred, or mildly hyperpigmented skin. She did a manual and chemical exfoliation, including a personalized acid peel that she made just for me and based off of the condition my skin was in. This facial is meant to resurface, hydrate, address hyperpigmentation, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firms, deep cleans pores, stimulates circulation, brightens, stimulates collagen production, nourishes, and boosts cell turnover.

Haven Spa

Haven Spa was absolutely beautiful inside. After my service, I did not want to leave! I sat in a lounge filled with comfy pillows and drank some tea. My skin was glowing and I confidently walked around without any makeup on! Normally after facials, I am in hiding because my face is all red from the picking and prying, but I looked flawless immediately after. They gave me products to try and use at home and they have been life changing! Haven Spa has so many amazing services that I definitely want to go back and check them out! I highly recommend you go.

Make your appointment and go check them out at http://www.havenspa.nyc/

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