Treat Yo’ Self

Treat Yo’ Self

Being a “Blonde on a Budget” can be hard, especially when you’re someone like me, who has expensive taste. My blog is meant to inspire the average girl, who cannot afford to be wearing designer from head to toe. It can be extremely discouraging to see someone’s outfit and know that you cannot afford any piece that she’s wearing. My go-to outfits usually involve a good mix of price points. After working really hard and saving up some extra change, I treat myself to something more high end. When buying a higher end item, go for a staple item that you can get more use out of. Below is a list of the “GO FOR THE GOLD” items that I went for!

A Jacket- Both cute and practical. You can wear the same jacket every day, and if you get the right one- it could make the entire outfit! For example, if you’re wearing jeans and a Hanes t-shirt but throw on over it a really nice leather jacket, you have a perfect day to night outfit! Throw on a pair of converse and walk around the city or put on heels for a date night.

A bag- A girl’s best accessory! I worked extremely hard to earn enough money to afford my first expensive designer bag. As much as I love a good novelty piece, I believe it’s best to go for a classic item when making a splurge, this way you get the most use out of it! The first bag I bought was a black Balenciaga, and the second bag I bought was a nude pink Givenchy. Both bags are contrasting colors, yet they are still neutral enough to go with everything in my wardrobe! Since they’re so classic, they won’t go out of style.

They are also both super roomy. As much as I love a good crossbody, it’s hard to wear that daily with school, work, weekend getaways, etc! I tested both bags in stores to ensure they would fit my daily necessities like my phone, wallet, camera, and makeup bag. Additionally, I also checked for extras like my laptop, books, sweatshirt, and more just in case. I think it’s best to always have the option to stuff, rather than be stuck looking like a bag lady because you didn’t have enough room in your tiny bag. Plus, the tiny bags usually cost around the same as the bigger ones, so it’s best to splurge on one with more versatility in my opinion.

Shoes- Accessories, accessories, accessories! They really make an outfit. You can buy a really cute shirt, pair it with jeans, and look chic but, that’s not your own design! Someone else made that shirt, that is just you modeling it. You want to be able to express yourself in your outfits and that’s why you have to style it your own way. Wearing a shirt with pants is fine and easy, but pairing it with a cute pair of shoes, jewelry, a bag, and a jacket is making it your own! Hint when splurging on shoes, make sure they are comfortable! It would suck to waste all of your money on shoes you could only wear for the picture! You want to be able to model them around town!

I think shoes are a great splurge because you’re not just paying for the style, but you’re paying for the quality. There is a difference in materials use when you buy shoes from Payless verse an expensive Italian designer. Think about what your feet go through every day and how easy it is for them to get worn out. If you buy poor quality shoes you’ll probably have to either keep getting them fixed or continue buying new ones. Overall, you’re spending just as much, if not more than what you would on a good investment pair!

Jeans- You get away with wearing the same pair of classic jeans almost every day. They are a staple item, that goes with everything, and can be worn dressed up and dressed down. Again, Adidas during the day, Louboutins at night. I love my Zara jeans, don’t get me wrong! You can find a great pair without spending tons on an expensive pair. However, sometimes the more you spend on jeans, the better they fit and look on your body. I’m on the shorter side and my hips don’t lie, so when I spend a little more, they hug me better.

Sunglasses/Glasses- Personally, I am blind! So glasses are not only a want but a MUST! Something that is on your face for a majority of the time is worth the money. After all, your face is the money maker! Take it from my own bad experiences, a bad pair of glasses can make your nose look big and your face looks fat. Not a good look. Not only are they a fashion accessory, but they are what people see when they talk to you. Eye contact is so important, so you want to make sure you feel confident when looking straight into someone’s eyes.

Those were my tips and tricks on how to be a “Platinum Blonde”, but make it worthwhile. If you have all the money in the world, you might want to get something a little more expensive and exotic. These are just some staple items I think are worth splurging on. Please don’t go on a huge shopping spree unless you saved up enough to responsibly pay for all of your necessities, and have some extra leftover. These are pieces that I personally invested in after working really hard to earn the money for them. #NOREGRETS – Treat Yo’self!

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