If you know me, you know I love coffee. I might be addicted because I need a cup at least once a day or I feel incomplete. Every morning, I walk down the block and either turn left or right to get my cup. On the left is Dunkin, on the right is another coffee shop. Not going to lie, I usually turn right. That is, until very recently.


I heard that Dunkin was trying to make a transition in the coffee game. I worked in PR, so when they dropped the “donuts” from their name, I figured it was more than just a PR stunt. Yes, they have amazing food. They have the best bagels in the game, and I will never turn down a munchkin. However, dropping the donuts and just leaving the “Dunkin” meant that they were now taking their coffee more seriously. They wanted their customers to come for the coffee, and now I do.

Dunkin just introduced their new espressos and it’s life changing. Dunkin’ has new, handcrafted lattes and cappuccinos. I tried a latte as soon as they announced the launch, and it was a game changer for sure. It was unexpectedly delicious. It was smooth, balanced, rich, creamy and never bitter, which I loved most. Even though I do love coffee, I hate the taste of coffee. My latte went down so quick and easy! 

The Dunkin that I went to matched the aesthetic of the drink. The location was updated and clean. It had new state of the art equipment that can consistently deliver the intensity and flavor profile desired. It was definitely a high quality espresso, in a familiar and accessible environment, for an affordable price point which is great for my coffee addiction. Now, when I go to get my caffeine and boost of energy in the morning, I always turn left and go right to Dunkin for their new espressos. Sipping is believing! 


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