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Your room should be your haven. It is a place for you to feel safe and be inspired. That is why when decorating it, I like to get as creative as possible. My apartment restricts me from being able to paint my walls. However, I always felt that the plain white was a bit dreadful. I wanted my walls to come alive and talk to me. When you walk into my room, I want you to immediately know my interests. That’s why I love Desenio so much.


Desenio is a website that offers a large selection of high quality and beautiful wall art and posters based on the latest decor trends all for a great price point. They get what amazing art can do for your home. Their posters enable you to express yourself. They offer such a wide variety of art that there is most definitely something for everyone. They offer everything from inspirational quotes, to photo prints, black and white posters, illustrations, and a lot more. I personally have a mix of some of my favorite inspirational quotes, photo prints of my beloved NYC, and illustrations of my favorite fashion designers in my room. I hang them right over my bed so I see them as soon as I get up in the morning and feel motivated to start my day.

Seen above is the “Fashion Black”poster, the “Jimmy Choo” poster, the “Prada” poster, and the “Fashion Books” poster.

Desenio helps you find decor inspiration, no matter what room you are in need of adding that special touch to! They also offer an Inspiration section for style tips on how to combine their wall art and galleries to match with your own decor. Not only do they have affordable wall art for anybody and any room, but they also have great quality frames and other hanging accessories at an equally amazing price. They always update their products to be caught up with the latest trends, so you can rely on them for all of your redecorating inspiration and needs.

Having my Desenio wall art truly brightened up my room and made it feel like it’s my own. I love how I am constantly surrounded by things I love. It has been such a game changer after I added it to my decor and I will definitely be updating the rest of my apartment with Desenio posters as well. Now, it’s your turn to create your own personal gallery with!

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