Ceramiracle’s Flowerberry

Ceramiracle’s Flowerberry

I have always been a extremely high maintenance when it came to my skin. As soon as I could, I started to wear makeup. It was more of a creative outlet than the desire to be more beautiful. As I aged, that of course changed and I felt as though I needed it more to cover up red spots, dullness, fine lines, and my under eye bags. As amazing as makeup is, it’s also a curse. The more flaws I see, the more makeup I have to put on, the more flaws are recreated. It’s an endless, ugly circle.

This is why I am also extremely high maintenance when it comes to my skincare routine. I have a regime that I do every morning and night, but there was one thing missing. When it comes to my insecurities, one of my biggest ones is the bags and dark circles under my eyes. Ironically, this was the one step I was missing in my skincare routine. That is, until I found Ceramiracle’s new Flowerberry.

FLOWERBERRY contains a blend of chrysanthemum flowers, wolfberry and schisandra berry. These superfoods are used a lot in Chinese medicine to moisten the eyes and clear stagnant ‘qi’. There is the Eye Illuminating Supplement, as well as the Eye Illuminating Cream to so that you can maximize its potential.

Eye Illuminating Supplement

The FLOWERBERRY Supplement is made with kale powder and a patented lutein extract. It’s made to increase eye health and protect the eyes by filtering out damaging blue light emitted by digital devices, which is important for me since I am on my phone all day. The antioxidants in this supplement helps to fight dark circles and tired eyes. I have been taking this once a day for almost two weeks now and have already seen an amazing difference!

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Eye Illuminating Cream

The FLOWERBERRY Cream is made with marine planktons and peptides and is super gentle since the eyes are so delicate. I love this cream, especially for this time of year when the skin under my eyes tends to be more dry due to the weather. The cream nourishes the area to make my eyes look brighter and my fine lines disappear. I have been looking less tired since it depuffs my eyes, gets rid of my dark circles, and eliminates my fine lines. My mom has also tried this and has been obsessed, so it works for any age!

I never realized how vital it is for you to take care of your eyes until I started using Ceramiracle’s Flowerberry duo and saw this big of a difference. I look less tired in the morning, which gives me a pep in my step and makes me feel more energetic. It is amazing what this has done to me and my beauty routine! I highly recommend!

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You should check out Ceramiracle’s new line FLOWERBERRY and their other products on their website www.ceramiracle.com.


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