Ceramiracle’s Holiday Miracle

Ceramiracle’s Holiday Miracle


As you know if you read my skincare post about Ceramiracle, I absolutely love the brand. First of all, Ceramiracle is a proud PETA-Certified brand, which I love. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin since I started using it, and even some jealous friends who desperately wanted to try! That’s why, when it came to picking out gifts this holiday season, Ceramiracle’s First Light Glowing Skin Set was a clear choice. When it comes to giving gifts, I like to give things that are practical. Yes, I want them to love their gift, but I also want them to use their gift. The gift of glowing skin shouldn’t come with a price, since confidence is so important! Having gorgeous skin thanks to Ceramiracle’s First Light Glowing Skin Set makes me feel unstoppable. I want my friends to feel the same way.

The Glowing Skin Set consists of three products, First Light The Serum, First Light The Essence, and a free SAM tote bag which is the first time the tote has been available to the public. It’s also important to point at that SAM is the abbreviation for Share-A-Miracle, which you are definitely doing by gifting this set to a friend or family member. They are made to give you soft, dewy and glowing skin. In the winter, my skin is so dry and flakey. Ceramiracle’s First Light line is all about giving you a lot of hydration to make your skin naturally glowing and hydrated.

First Light The Serum

The First Light The Serum parallels to the substance that protects a baby’s skin after birth. The plant-based phytosqualane serum is influenced by naturally occurring vernix caseosa. The serum has the same intense hydration and protective properties of the vernix. Ceramiracle’s plant-sourced squalene and ceramide proprietary blend completely matches the essence of vernix caseosa. The fiercely nourishing serum contains over 95% active ingredients made with 99.5% natural ingredients.

First Light The Essence

The First Light The Essence has been a must have part of the skincare routine in Asia due to its benefits of improving complexion, skin firmness and anti-aging. Ceramiracle harnessed the powerful anti-aging properties of saccharomyces from organic Korean rice water, mugwort and ginseng and formulated their nourishing facial essence with a base of 92% BFE Complex; a potent mixture of vitamins and minerals.  The BFE Complex works harmoniously with your skin to deeply hydrate, while immediately helping to soften skin.

The Perfect Gift

These products together create the perfect gift for anyone in your life, and they now are being sold in a Holiday gift set. This has been a go-to in my skincare routine, especially during the harsh winter. It is very hard to find something that makes my skin nourished, without causing me to break out, and Ceramiracle’s First Light set has done it. I cannot wait to gift this to my friends and see their results. I know they will love it! Get yours now by clicking here. 

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