It’s funny how you go through different phases of your life and throughout them, your priorities change. In High School, it was all about making friends. In College, it was all about finding that special someone. After College, my priority was to not only find a job, but a long-term career. The common factor in all of those things were that building healthy relationships is crucial. Bumble has now made it possible to be there for you throughout every life stage. Bumble is a social network that empowers you to make and form those connections. There is Bumble BFF for friendships, Bumble for love interests, and Bumble Bizz for networking.

People would say I am outgoing,  and that definitely can be true. However, I also have times where I am shy and timid. One of the things I think is so important about the career I am in now as an Influencer, is that it’s a female dominant community where we are “Boss Babing” up and creating our own lane. Bumble is all about putting females in that dominant position by making us girls make the first move. This has helped me dramatically throughout both my relationships (friends and boyfriends) and career because it means I am serious and in control of my destiny. That first move, if you make an amazing first impression, could change your life forever!

I love Bumble for so many reasons, but most importantly because I feel it is a safe space to grow. Online platforms are how people talk these days, but most of them are sketchy. Bumble is all about equality, empowerment, respect, kindness and safety and they take great pride in making that known to their users. On the app, they have options to report, block, and verify photos in addition to having a customer support team there for you 24/7.

With Bumble, I feel like I can be the CEO and conquer the world. Whatever phase you’re at in life, I highly recommend you download Bumble to help you through it.

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