Bed Head Never Looked So Good

Bed Head Never Looked So Good

Who knew having bed head hair could ever look this good?

Recently, I have become OBSESSED with this brand! When shopping for hair products, the first thing that attracts me to a brand is the packaging. Well obviously, bed head caught my eye right away with all of its bold color choices and fun shaped bottles. But once I started to take a whiff of each of their products, I immediately fell in love. Every product has the most amazing smell, both I and my boyfriend, Alex, can not get enough. He’s even been trying to get his hands on some of my products.

The bed head line has EVERYTHING a girl can ask for. From maintaining the frizz, to heat protectant, hairspray and SO MUCH MORE! The product managed to keep my hair in place without making it too stiff, too oily, or just freaking out all together. My absolute favorite product right now is the frizz control spray. I spray a little on my palm and run it through the top of my hair, getting all of my baby hairs and fly-aways to tame themselves.

While most products would leave my hair looking super greasy, BED HEAD leaves it looking super shiny and healthy. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair lately, and I know it’s no coincidence. Being a fashion blogger and being known for having a CONCRETE BLONDE set of hair, I always have to make sure I look great. The pressure is on, but it’s definitely easier to obtain with BED HEAD. I highly recommend trying BED HEAD by TGI. Rolling out of bed and looking flawless has never been so easy!

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  1. Alex Sunshine
    September 27, 2017 / 11:13 am

    Great post Rachel!

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