Arlo Hotel- NoMad

Arlo Hotel- NoMad


Having your boyfriend also be your business partner could be both a blessing and a curse. I love Alex, and I am one of those girlfriends who loves to spend every possible minute with their lover. However, it is hard for us to separate our time. Despite having rules and guidelines for our love life, we still end up talking about our business plans in bed.

Since our home is not only our haven, but also our office, it is difficult to divide our time between the two. That is why we decided to have a “staycation”, AKA a vacation in NYC. We decided to stay at the Arlo Hotel in Nomad, since we thought that would be the best “home away from home”.

Arlo Hotel Nomad

Immediately when we checked in we spotted our favorite things in the lobby, for me, it was iced coffee and for Alex, it was pizza! The Massoni bar offered a variety of things from ice cream to brunch bites. We grabbed a quick snack and then went up to our room.

We booked the “Sky View” room and did not regret it. The view from our window was beautiful! I have been living in NYC my entire life, yet never saw the city like this.

We unpacked our things and went down to the mezzanine to unwind. There were plenty of different places for us to hang, whether it was the bar or their cozy lounge equipped with a fireplace. We sat by the fire and relaxed. It was a rainy day so it was so nice to just sit by the fire and talk- something we hardly ever have time to do.

After taking a million pictures at their various aesthetic spots, and before checking out, we had the opportunity to grab a bite to eat at the Massoni restaurant. They had a variety of choices on the menu, from American to Italian- our favorites! We made our tummies happy and then checked out.

The service at the hotel was incredible. Everyone was extremely friendly and ensured that they did everything possible to make sure we had a pleasant stay-which we did! I highly recommend the Arlo Hotel. It was perfect for what we needed! The one in Nomad is also an excellent location, surrounded by amazing shopping, restaurants and more!

Having the opportunity to share this experience with Alex was incredible. With our busy lives, it is important to take the time to experience new things together, slow things down, let everything sink in, and be grateful. We had the best time at the Arlo Hotel in Nomad and hope to be back soon!

My most important advice for couples who are working together, is make sure you have designated “Us” time. Whether that is watching a movie, going out for dinner, or taking a bubble bath. Having romantic time with your partner is imperative to having success with both business and pleasure.


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